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Search for Mu insertions near your gene of interest

This interface provides access to a subset of the Mu insertions detected by Mu-Illumina (PubMed) sequencing during mutant cloning efforts involving the Photosynthesis Mutant Library (PML). The posted insertions map between 150 bp upstream of the annotated start codon and 150 bp downstream of the annotated stop codon of gene models in the Filtered Gene Set from Maize Genome Assembly AGPv3 ( Insertions that map more distant to genes rarely disrupt gene expression; due to limited resources, we are not making these available.

Our approach ensures that the vast majority of insertions posted here are heritable. However, on rare occasions, insertions are not found in the siblings of the plant that was sacrificed for DNA extraction. If you are unable to amplify the insertion from the siblings we provide, please let us know. We can help you determine whether this is a technical problem or whether the insertion is missing from siblings of the sequenced individual.

We have a large volume of requests and our seed stocks are becoming depleted. Therefore, we generally provide seed only to laboratories in the United States.

This resource currently includes insertions near/within loci.

This resource is made possible through funding from National Science Foundation grant IOS-1339130: Translational Dynamics of Leaf and Chloroplast Development in Maize.

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Maize locus IDInsertions mapping within 150 bp of the protein coding region of the entered maize gene (e.g. GMZ....
Rice Gene IdentifierInsertions mapping within the maize gene that is most closely related to the entered rice gene (e.g. Os10gxxx)
Arabidopsis Gene IdentifierInsertions mapping within the maize gene that is most closely related to the entered Arabidopsis gene (eg.At1gxxx)
Protein DomainsInsertions mapping within maize genes predicted to encode proteins with the entered domains (Pfam ID or text identifiers, such as RRM, TPR, etc). Multiple domain entries are treated as "and" queries.
Gene DescriptionQueries gene description text from the maize locus and from the most closely-related rice and Arabidopsis loci
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Searches will return insertions mapping within 100 bp of gene models matching the Blast query.

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